From first impression to a long-lasting relationship.

From first impression to a long-lasting relationship.

How to test perfumes to uncover their hidden qualities.

Shopping for a new perfume can be a rather daunting task. Knowing your favourite scent, such as fruity-floral or citrusy-aquatic, can help. Still, with the ever-growing selection of perfumes on the market, one can easily get lost or confused.

Fortunately, there is no right or wrong way to sample perfumes. It's all about personal preference and willingness to be spontaneous and open to new olfactory adventures. First impressions are important but scarcely correct. Thus, adopting the right approach to testing perfumes can lead to many exciting discoveries and even result in finding the next signature scent. 

When testing a new perfume, each of us will get acquainted with the scent differently. The most detached approach is to explore the fragrance from a pre-sprayed paper strip or glass funnel placed upside down beside the flacon. It offers zero interaction with the actual product and its packaging. At the same time, it is convenient; we can place the funnel back on its shelf and move on to the next one. This method is relatively quick - almost sterile - without expressing much commitment to the scent sniffed. However, it is fun and easy.  

The next method is spraying the scent into the air or sniffing the top of the atomiser for a quick yes/no, or rather like/dislike, evaluation. It is a slightly less disengaged approach but one where we want to avoid getting too personal and intimate with the scent. We are still maintaining a safe distance while deciding whether to get to know the fragrance better and interact with it more. 

However, suppose we find the scent agreeable and decide to explore it further, then the next level of engagement is spraying it on a paper strip, paper flower, or advertising fan. This method allows for a more detailed examination of the scent; however, there is still a considerable degree of detachment. 

The last step is a complete olfactory immersion - a total commitment - when we spray the perfume on our wrists, sleeves, or hair. This is when we invite the perfume to spend the next few hours with us, get to know each other better, and decide if there is chemistry between us and the potential for a happy and lasting relationship. 

The approach we choose entirely depends on what we want. Sometimes it's just a brief distraction, a little fling, to see what's new or trending. Sometimes it's to find our next holiday or signature scent. Whatever the reason, the most important thing is to enjoy the process, to be sufficiently "nosy" and have fun! After all, perfume testing is not just about finding the perfect scent, it's also about the joy of exploration and discovery of the unexpected.


Image by Kzenon